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At Thrive in Mind, we understand the unique challenges faced by well-being champions and mental health first aiders within the workplace.

Our Supervision Groups are specially designed to support those in this vital role, offering them the tools, knowledge, and support needed to effectively aid others while also taking care of their own mental health.

Led by experienced mental health professionals, our Supervision Group programme consists of six 1.5-hour sessions delivered remotely every six weeks.

Strategies for a Thriving Workplace

Deep your understanding of mental health principles and the role of a well-being champion.

Learn effective strategies and interventions to support employees facing mental health challenges.

Strategies for creating inclusive, supportive environments and dealing with complex interpersonal situations.

The psychological factors which impact on mental
well-being in the workplace.

Practical tools for maintaining your mental health and preventing burnout.

An opportunity to discuss specific challenges and gain insights from our experts and your peers.

Outstanding Value: Six Sessions Packaged at £1200

How It Works

Press the ‘get in touch button’ and our team will contact you to discuss the supervision and tailor it to meet the unique needs of your workforce.

Once payment is received the dates and arrangements of the supervision will be confirmed.

Now enjoy the positive impacts of the supervision in your workforce.

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