The Programme

Thrive in Mind believe that everyone deserves good mental health.

Thrive in Mind believe that everyone deserves good mental health. That’s why we have created a programme that builds psychological skills for use before, and after, a person’s mental health deteriorates. The programme is both preventative and restorative.

‘Psychological Resilience When Overwhelmed’ is a 2 hour digital programme which will bolster psychological resilience, improve coping and prevent mental health decline.

It works by giving the user a chance to understand the problems they face from a psychological perspective and then gives them new coping skills and goals to work towards.


Proven Effectiveness

The programme is packed with evidence based interventions proven to improve mental health and equip new coping skills which build stress resilience and improve quality of life.

The Psychological Model

The programme’s material is based upon psychological theory and clinical practice. It will equip the user with new perspectives, self awareness and ways of responding to their thoughts and feelings, all of which support long-term clinical gains.


Engaging Content

The sessions accommodate different learning styles and are comprised of written exercises. videos, animation and experiential exercisesThe user has the option to take notes, download customised worksheets, and return to any module as many as desired.

Easily Accessible

This 2 hour programme is split into 4 sessions and 60 bite sized modules and can be completed at the user’s own pace.  Any tablet or computer can readily access the programme.  

Home Practice

In order to give the user time to practise their new skills Thrive in Mind has purposefully left pauses between sessions. It has been shown that users are more likely to experience clinical improvements the more time they spend thinking about and introducing changes.


Encouraging Emails

Between sessions, users will receive reminder emails that summarise their new learning and encourage them to keep working towards their goals.

So get started today and improve your workforce's mental health, vitality and well-being.

How It Works

Press the ‘get in touch button’ and our team will contact you to discuss your needs and talk you through the process.

Once payment is received you will be sent a setup email enabling immediate access to the programme.

Now enjoy the positive impacts of the programme in your workforce.

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