Moving From Symbolism To Substance

The conversations initiated by mental health days are more critical than ever, especially in the context of rising numbers of people in the UK struggling with depression and anxiety. This year’s ‘World Mental Health Day’ theme, “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right,” highlights the importance of seeing mental well-being as fundamental.  Thrive in Mind’s […]

Alcohol Awareness Week

To commemorate Alcohol Awareness Week, this article will explore the impact alcohol can have on employee well-being and the need for compassionate understanding and organisational support. In the United Kingdom, workplace socialising often revolves around alcohol. From post-work drinks to office parties, alcohol consumption is frequently associated with relaxation and social interaction. However, it is […]

Men’s Health Week

As we mark Men’s Health Week, it is important to highlight the impact of the digital age upon men’s mental health, and explore proactive steps that can be taken to improve well-being. The digital era, while beneficial in many respects, also brings stressors and unique challenges. Research has highlighted the detrimental impact of excessive screen […]

The Lesser Known Causes Of Employee Burnout

Employee ‘burnout’ is a prevalent issue in today’s ever-changing work environments. While factors like excessive workload, lack of reward, and work-life balance are widely discussed, there are lesser-known causes that significantly contribute to ‘burnout’, especially in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environments. This article aims to shed light on these causes and explore how […]

Embracing The Grey

In therapy sessions, clients often express strong black-and-white views about themselves, the world, and other people. Common statements are “I am either attractive or I am ugly,”. “The world is either dangerous or safe,” and “people can be trusted or are untrustworthy.” This binary thinking position often amplifies their emotional pain when they go on […]

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